There’s been numerous occasions while on one of my walks that I come across an event or sighting that gives me much pause and triggers my imagination. Like the time climbing up a rock ledge and coming upon a fox while it decides it’s next move but is too curious of this intruder. Rounding a corner startling a hungry coyote eating dinner yet not sensing danger picks up his catch and just looks at me as I back away. Or the frantic calls of newly hatched hawks high in a tree waiting for mother hawk to arrive with dinner. Sometimes it’s perfect timing like a shaft of light penetrating a thick canopy of trees highlighting a single flower reaching out for that rare moment of sunlight.image

These are events that occur in nature all the the time but I feel as if I entered a hidden dimension untouched while I go about my hectic life.



The other day while walking through very high grass and thick pines I came upon a clearing and in the center pointing to the sky stood  a monument over looking the Blue Pacific Ocean. Coming closer I realized it was a tombstone with writing on two sides.image


Standing there for almost one hundred and fifty years a grave for Andrew Fisk and his six month old daughter weathered the Pacific storms on a bluff over a small bay name after him, Fisk Mill Cove.


Life back then was very hard and extremely uncertain for children. I sat there for some time reading over and over their epithet.
Clara Belle,
only daughter of Andrew and Clara S. Fisk image
Feb 25 1874
Aug 24 1874
“Such is the kingdom of heaven”





But it was the epithet of Andrew Fisk that caught my attention, as if looking out a window into the past,

imageAndrew J Fisk
March 10 1834
Aug 4 1874
“Peacefully sleep beloved one
Rest from your toil your labor is done”



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