Hiking the Rooster Comb

Today I got a late start waiting for the rain to stop and the weather up above was very unsettled. I took a chance anyway, deciding to hike a trail called the Rooster Comb in the Adirondack mountains, a distance of 5 miles round-trip and a 1700 foot elevation gain. I was hoping the clouds would lift by the time I got to the summit, but because of the rain the night before, I couldn’t help but notice all the mushrooms and fungi. I made it to the top, clouds were clearing and the sun was trying to come out.

The trail was very dark and raindrops were dripping from the trees from the previous night’s rain. It was slow going because I kept on taking out my iPhone to snap pictures. The Rocky sections were very slippery so I had to watch each step especially up near the top where it was very steep. The view from the top was quite stunning even though the clouds haven’t lifted over the mountain peaks but the valley down below was visible and quite beautiful. It was late So I couldn’t stay up there long, so regretfully I headed back down.

These are some of the mushrooms and fungi along the trail.


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