Bill’s Camp

Today I entered the Adirondack mountains in New York. These mountains are truly wilderness with many lakes and rivers.
Hiking, mountain biking, fishing,backpacking ,canoeing, kayaking, you name it the Adirondacks immense and would take years to discover all its treasures. After dinner like to stroll around the campground where I always find someone interesting to talk to. Tonight I ran into a fella named Bill who set up camp for the summer. Tool shop, stainless steel barbecue with marble on the top a bed set up on this is deck which was only a couple feet from the river. Bill was really knowledgeable about the rivers and hiking trails plus other points of interest which I may check before I leave. Bill had a variety of canoes and kayaks, all very compact and lightweight because they were made of Kevlar. You know someone is really in the paddling if they only cover our canoe and kayak. It really helps talking with a local especially here because there’s no Internet. It’s hard to find the best trails and campgrounds unless you meet someone, and Bill was a wealth of knowledge.


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